Bumble Jumble


A mysterious game about exploration and collecting. Play the exploration mode where you'll have unlimited time to explore awe inspiring world whilst collected the honey combs that the hive absolutly requires. Want a challenge? Well we have something for you! Play challenge mode in which you'll have a time limit to collect the honey combs. Be careful not to drop them!

Other Information

Bumble Jumble is the latest addition to my portfolio. It was made for the Ludum Dare 38 game jam made by a team of 4. I'm very happy with how this game turned out. Both from a technical standpoint and visual and sound standpoint i believe we've put out a high quality game for the short time we had!

Bumble Jumble has been released on Itch.Io and Ldjam.com

My Roles

  • Project Lead
  • Lead Programmer
  • Visual Effects Artist