Tribot Smash


Tribot Smash is a 4-player party game in which the players have to compete in different variety of mini games. Each player starts with a set of Moba-like abilities each mini game, these can be expanded on through pick-ups that spawn during the game. Using these abilities the players can gain the advantage over other players. The game will feature a different variety of maps, game modes and abilities to keep players interested over longer play sessions.

Other Information

Tribot Smash is the first project i've started which i aim to release commercially. Because of this the project has become quite big and definilty the biggest undertaking i've done myself. From it i've gained experience in a huge number of area's including team recruitement, marketing strategies, multiplayer development, visual fx development and many more.

The game is not released yet but you can follow it's development on my twitter, youtube channel and the Tribot Smash website.


  • Project Lead
  • Programmer
  • Visual Effects Artist
  • Game Design
  • Ui Artist